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These are a few of our services, but if you don’t see what you need, give us a call to ask about it. We specialize in glass and customer service, and if we can help our friends and neighbors of the Western Slope we will.

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We Are A Full Service Auto And Beyond Glass Shop

If we have the tools, we will make it happen for our friends and family of the Grand Valley. We offer many services (explore below) and odds are we can help you with your glass needs. 

Windshield Replacement

Windshields Express has over 20 years of experience replacing windshields in vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We service all major vehicle manufacturer brands including: Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Saab, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagon, and Volvo. 

How We Do Windshield Replacement

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Windshields Express has over 20 years of experience replacing windshields in vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We service all major vehicle manufacturer brands including: Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Saab, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagon, and Volvo. At Windshields Express we will not compromise the safety of our customers.  We understand that a properly installed windshield is important for the safety of you and your family. Windshields Express strives to use only OEM glass in every replacement.  We only use the best quality glass and adhesives and employ professional and highly trained auto glass technicians.

We also specialize in replacing the auto glass in classic cars and trucks, industrial equipment vehicles, and oversize autos such as recreational vehicles and school buses.

On top of windshield glass replacement, we can replace the glass in all other parts of your vehicle, including door glass, back glass, and other glass panels in your vehicle.

Having your auto glass repaired or replaced shouldn’t cause you stress. We offer convenient auto glass repair and replacement service, both in our shop and via our mobile service. Our shops use the best available technology and tools, and our technicians are continuously trained to understand the features of your vehicle that may affect the cost, timing, and difficulty of your auto glass repair or replacement. We work with your insurance provider if you have glass coverage to make the process easy or help you get the best price by shopping multiple glass vendors in the event you have to cover your auto glass replacement out of pocket

Safe Effective Auto Glass Replacement

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Should you repair or replace your windshield? That’s a good question and not one the everyone likes the answer to.  With the growth of big box stores and specialty auto parts stores, the chances of finding “self-repair” kits are on the rise. Windshields Express can repair most chips in windshield glass, but if the windshield is cracked, it should be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle and protect the occupants. Windshields Express has expert technicians that can recognize when your glass needs to be replaced instead of repaired. It is because of this experience that we recommend against using rock chip repair kits purchased from these types of stores.

On top of windshield replacement, we also offer auto glass replacement for any glass in your vehicle. This type of damage can be caused by the weather, road hazards, vandalism, or other issues. You can trust Windshields Express in Grand Junction, Colorado with any of your auto glass replacement needs.

Professional Service

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Windshields Express works with OEM in most cases. In the event that OEM glass is not available, we will use OE quality glass and our technicians follow strict AGRSS (Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard™) guidelines, set by the AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council). The safety of our customers will not be compromised. All windshields come with our lifetime rock chip repair warranty.


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*We will repair any chip less than the size of a quarter and any crack less than the length of a dollar bill. 


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We understand that being without the use of your vehicle can be a frustrating inconvenience so we strive to fix your auto glass fast and to fix it right the first time. You can count on our customer service representatives to be knowledgeable and friendly when scheduling your appointment, and our technicians to be prompt and courteous when installing your auto glass.

  • Free Mobile Service
  • Professional Shop Environment
  • Highest Quality Professional Tools and Equipment
  • Professional Admin staff works directly with your insurance company
  • Same Day Service

Safety and Experience

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We have said it before, but at Windshields Express we will not compromise the safety of our customers.  We understand that a properly installed windshield is important for the safety of you and your family.  That is why we only use the best quality glass and adhesives and employ professional and highly trained auto glass technicians. Don’t let lower quality shops, or shops that don’t employ technicians with proper training to install your glass. This can result in expensive damage to your vehicle, or in some cases the need to replace the glass again. Proper installation not only keeps you safe but increases the life of the glass. Improper installation can increase the stress on the glass and result in cracks and chips that spread faster, or damage to the windshield from bumps in the road as you drive.

We use:

  • Quality Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass
  • OEM Quality Urethanes
  • OEM Quality Mouldings

Ease and Convenience

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We can come to you, or you can come to us. Either way, we will make the experience quick and easy and have you back on the road as fast as we can. Our administrative staff works quickly to get you scheduled, to take care of finding the right glass, and getting billing taken care of. We work directly with your insurance company or help you find the most affordable glass if you have to cover your replacement out of pocket.

Rock Chip Repair

When a windshield or other auto glass is damaged it is not always necessary to completely replace the glass.  Rock chips in a windshield can be repaired in many cases.  As a rule of thumb, if you can cover the damaged area of rock chip with a quarter it should be repairable. For cracks, if the length of the crack is no longer than a dollar bill it should also be able to be repaired. 

The Basics

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With Windshields Express, our expert glass repair technicians can repair most small chips or cracks (chips about the size of a quarter or less, and cracks about the length of a dollar bill or less). Our in-shop or mobile service can repair your chips. Our technicians will never advise you to make a repair that won’t be stable or that is unsafe. As with our windshield repair service, we will work directly with your insurance company to cover any costs associated with glass chip repair. In the event you have to pay out of pocket we only charge $45.00 for chip repair service, one of the best prices available in the Grand Junction, CO area!

Auto Glass Repair – Done Right

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When a windshield or other auto glass is damaged it is not always necessary to completely replace the glass.  Rock chips in a windshield can be repaired in many cases.  As a rule of thumb, if you can cover the damaged area of rock chip with a quarter it should be repairable. For cracks, if the length of the crack is no longer than a dollar bill it should also be able to be repaired. Windshields Express can repair most chips and cracks in windshield glass, but if the windshield is damaged beyond these sizes, it should be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle and protect the occupants. Read on to learn more about our auto glass repair services, and the dangers of trying to perform auto glass repair without a professional.

Beware Repair Kits

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The frustration with repair kits is that they make repairing damage in what it one of the most important safety components in your vehicle seem trivial. Repair kits, when improperly applied can damage your window further, or leave you frustrated with a chip that is still visible, and without having really repaired the integrity of your glass. This means that the likelihood of the chip or crack spreading is significantly increased.

These kits can also take up a lot of your time, and leave you with a low-quality solution. In our shop, or with our mobile repair service most chips can be repaired in 15-30 minutes. In most cases, rock chips are covered by many insurance providers glass coverage. We will work directly with your insurance provider to make sure you don’t have any unexpected out of pocket expenses. For those without glass coverage, we offer some of the best pricing in Western Colorado for auto glass repair services.

Our expert technicians have been trained to recognize the types of damage that can be safely and effectively repaired. This is often not just the size of a chip or a crack but also the placement, the type of glass, and likelihood that a repair will effectively extend the life of the glass. We think of repairing your glass like repairing teeth. You more than likely wouldn’t trust a kit from your local grocery store to fix a cavity or a chipped tooth. Our technicians are like dentists, in this case, we’ve been expertly trained and educated to make the best choices for your auto glass.

Here is an article from Edmunds.com, discussing the potential dangers of incorrect repairs or poor installation of auto glass.

Safety First

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At Windshields Express our goal is to consider safety first. This means that we may not recommend or perform repairs on certain chips or cracks. Though we want to ensure you have the best experience possible, and that your repair or replacement is cost-effective we will not compromise your safety. This means that with specific kinds of damage we will recommend a replacement instead of a repair. Our administration staff can work with you to schedule the best time for replacement and will work with your insurance provider to make certain your glass is covered. In the event you don’t have glass coverage we will work to get you the best replacement cost we can find. Click here for more information on our glass replacement services.

Mobile Service

If you’re too busy to come to us, let us come to you! We know life often gets wildly out of control, and the last thing anyone needs is glass problems on top of everything else, so let us help take one thing off your plate.

Free Mobile Service

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Windshields Express offers free mobile service at your home or office within the Grand Valley.  This includes Appleton, Basalt, Battlement Mesa, Cameo, Carbondale, Clifton, Collbran, De Beque, Delta, El Jebel, Fruita, Fruitvale, Glade Park, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, Loma, Mack, Montrose, New Castle, Palisade, Parachute, Redlands, Rifle, Silt, and Whitewater. We will do everything possible to accommodate your busy schedule. Some restrictions may apply for mobile service, as well as transportation costs outside of the Grand Valley area.

Our mobile service technicians can schedule same-day appointments and can perform most repairs, replacements, and even install new windshield wiper blades. Our mobile service technicians carry the highest quality tools, adhesives, and act as mobile shops.

You can expect a friendly and informative face at your installation appointment. Our in-office administrative staff will work with you and your technician to handle any insurance billing issues, problems that arise on site and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

We Care About Your Time

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Your time is vital. Leaving you waiting, or needing multiple appointments can be costly, and we know time is a resource you can never get back. To that end, we find out as much as we can about your vehicle and it’s equipment before our technicians service your glass. There are many factors that affect the selection of glass, the tools required, and the cost and timing of the installation. With the new safety and technology features in modern automobiles, the chances for issues during installation are more likely.

Our qualified administrative staff understands the factors that impact installation and are sure to answers any questions that may alter your glass needs BEFORE our technicians arrive to install your glass. This prevents botched installations or the need for multiple service appointments.

This also helps us inform you of whether a mobile installation can be performed. Everyone hates waiting around for an installer, only to find out that your glass can only be repaired in the shop. Our caring team will make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Other Mobile Services

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Replacing glass at your location is not all we can do! We can also diagnose and replace faulty window regulators. These are the mechanisms inside your door that make the glass roll up and down. These can become damaged from normal wear and tear or even during lockout services provided by locksmiths (or your own attempts to access a locked vehicle).

In the case of custom glass, we can also make cuts to glass in the field to ensure we have the perfect fit. In the event that service must be performed inside our expert repair facility, we can pick up and drop off your vehicle at your convenience. That means you won’t have to stand around at our repair shop and wait for the repairs to be completed.

What Can’t We Do?

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Our high-quality glass protective coatings cannot be applied in direct sunlight. This means our rain repellant application cannot be put on in the field in many cases. We perform this service in the shop only. Some glass cannot be cut in the field. We can, however, come to your location to measure the glass sizing, and cut the glass at our shop for a perfect fit.

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is cancer in your vehicle.  In replacing a windshield, corrosion can be a major issue. This is also true for other bonded auto glass because of the potential of scratching the paint in places that are not visible after the installation is completed.

Corrosion Basics

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Corrosion is cancer in your vehicle.  In replacing a windshield, corrosion can be a major issue. This is also true for other bonded auto glass because of the potential of scratching the paint in places that are not visible after the installation is completed.  If the bonded glass area is scratched, corrosion starts on these scratches and the corrosion spreads!  Windshields Express can treat and prevent such corrosion. Don’t let sub-par quality glass installers create invisible damage that can spread quickly and create both structural and cosmetic damage to your vehicle!

Our technicians use both the right tools and corrosion treatments to ensure the life of your vehicle, the cosmetic integrity, and structural integrity of the glass installation are at their peak.

Preventing Corrosion

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At Windshields Express we care about two things more than anything else. First, we want to make your installation safe. Second, we want your experience as a customer to be great. As a part of this, we offer fast, efficient, and effective installation. That being said, it is important to us that the experience after installation is just as great. Stopping corrosion is not just about cosmetics, its also about safety.

Many window installers can be careless and will unknowingly damage the finish of your auto, which can result in expensive corrosion on your vehicle that isn’t evident at first. Corrosion can be extremely expensive to repair and even damage the integrity of window installation.

Our professional technicians will take time to minimize or even prevent scratching your vehicle in the first place. This requires an expert touch, the time to perform the installation right, and the use of specialized tools. In the event a scratch occurs, the technician will take time to cover the scratch with a rust inhibiting primer. This will help to prevent corrosion, and ensure the ultimate integrity of your new window installation.

At Windshields Express our technicians always take the extra time and care to prevent corrosion and maintain the value of your vehicle and the long-term safety of your auto glass installation.


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Quality may cost you a little more up front, but not nearly as much as you think, and in the long run you will save money.

Corrosion Prevention

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If your vehicle has corrosion from a previous auto glass replacement this corrosion MUST be repaired. If left untreated, your new windshield will leak and will be unsafe in the event of an accident. Window glass can pop out in hard crashes or during a rollover and result in a collapse of the vehicle’s roof.

To treat this, the corrosion must be removed with a grinder and/or a sandblaster until the good metal is exposed.  Once the corrosion is gone, a metal etching primer is used followed with a primer that allows the glass urethane to bond. The cost of this could be from $75 – $200!  In cases of extreme corrosion, the vehicle must be taken to an auto body repair shop for treatment, which can result in thousands of dollars of repair cost. This could mean new paint is required to counter the corrosion.

Work with an installer that knows how to avoid creating scratches you can be certain that these types of corrosion damage are prevented. This is what sets our shop apart from others. We know the hidden dangers of corrosion that may not become evident until long after your auto glass has been replaced.

We use the highest quality tools, adhesives, and processes to make sure damage like this is avoided, and ensure any scratches are repaired before the new glass is installed.

Choosing a top shop:

  • Knows what the dangers of surface scratches are
  • Uses high-quality adhesives
  • Stocks the highest quality primers to properly prepare window installation surfaces
  • Takes responsibility for and treats and scratched areas BEFORE the window installation
  • Doesn’t install windows on already damaged surfaces.

Windshields Express is a shop you know will give you the highest quality installation because we care about every step of the installation. Every technician is trained in our proper use of tools and processes to ensure your glass installation is free from the dangers of corrosion.

Headlight Restoration

If they aren’t broken, few of us notice headlight issues until we are out of the range of street lights. As our headlights get older, they become dirty, cloudy, and an all around hazard. We at Windshields Express want to help combat this issue by providing our neighbors with an option for restoration.

Cloudy Headlights Are The Enemy

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One of the most overlooked surfaces on your vehicle is your headlights. Replacing oxidized or foggy headlights with new headlights can be very expensive, but having illuminated roads at night is a must.  We offer an inexpensive alternative. Our headlight restoration service can restore the look and performance of your headlights to near factory quality. This quick surface recovery service will make your headlights look like brand new, and remove the dull look of your headlights making them perform better when you need them the most.

Restore the Luster and Shine

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Professional Headlight Lens Restoration is the proper process of removing the oxidation from the polycarbonate headlight lenses, including any remaining UV (ultraviolet) coating that might still be on the headlights. This restores the optical quality of the lens and involves applying a long-lasting UV coating, equivalent to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Restoring your headlights to their original clarity not only improves your vehicle’s appearance and resale value but more importantly provides safety to the vehicle’s occupants by restoring the headlight’s ability to project light properly. Oxidation and micro-cracks can damage the headlight’s ability to properly cast light in front of the vehicle and can reduce visibility at night.

Restoring your headlights is often significantly less expensive than replacing them. Headlight restoration removes the dull and hazy look that your headlights develop with normal wear and tear on your vehicle. This process can be used on headlights, taillights and directional lights to help them work at maximum performance and restore the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Another important factor in clear headlights is for oncoming traffic to see you clearly as well. Diminished performance in your headlights can result in poor visibility not only for you but for oncoming traffic as well.

The Best Time is Now

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We can perform a headlight restoration while your vehicle is in the shop for any glass repair or replacement. This means that you can get two services done together and cut down on the total time required to get both things done. We value your safety and clear headlights are an integral part of the safety equation for your vehicle.

Clear Auto Lights = Safe Auto Lights

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If you have that yellow cloudy haze on your headlights, its time to get them restored. 

No ifs, ands, or buts, come and see us.

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

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Here are some of the great benefits of headlight restoration, broken down for you:

  • Significantly increased Safety (See and be seen).

  • Drastically improves your driving visibility.

  • Increases light projection.

  • Improves optical quality. (Clear Headlights)

  • Enhances the appearance of your vehicle (Vehicle will look years newer).

  • Increases the resale value of any vehicle (Can increase resale as much as $500).

  •  Eliminates costly replacements (Headlights can cost as much as $1,500 each).

Professional Quality

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Having one of our expert technicians perform your headlight restoration is not only convenient but is guaranteed to work better than do-it-yourself kits. Our professionals work on your headlights to ensure the process is done correctly, and that the visual quality of the repair is the best it can be. Don’t settle for the unknown quality of boxed kits that may or may not fully repair the luster of your lights that you deserve.

Our technicians have been properly trained and are experienced in performing the restoration process in many types of vehicles. This experience means we do it right every time. If you want the best-looking restoration in Western Colorado, look no further than Windshields Express. Schedule an appointment today and we can look glass related needs such as rock chip repair, rain repellant glass coating, or windshield wiper replacement.

Window Tinting, Home Glass, & Beyond

We do so much more than just auto glass repair & replacement. We can tint your windows, fix your big rig glass breaks, replace that broken tractor glass, and even make a house call to replace your shower enclosure. 

The Basics of Glass Tinting

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Window tinting can preserve the interior of your vehicle as well as make it more efficient and effective to cool. Automotive glass tinting is the process of bonding tinting film to a piece of window glass. Tinting film is usually made out of a clear polyester film with a very thin and even layer of tinting agent.  Tinting your vehicle’s glass can drastically increase the life of its interior. As a part of our service, we offer complete window tinting and tint matching on all window replacements. We can match any tint in your vehicle and ensure you are operating within the legal parameters. Matching the tint of your existing window during a replacement may be covered by your insurance provider. As part of our easy service, we will help you determine this to reduce any out of pocket costs as best we can.

A Darker Shade of Cool

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During the summer months in Western Colorado, it is common for the temperature to reach over 90 °F (32 °C). Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can have many alarming effects on your vehicle’s interior as well as your personal items inside the vehicle. The sun’s heat can damage electronics and cause the vehicle’s interior to warp and prematurely wear. It can damage your belongings and cause items left in the vehicle to melt, fade, or crack. It can also make cooling your vehicle’s interior much more difficult.

While replacing your automotive glass, we can match the tint of the existing glass. This means making certain your vehicle maintains its style standard and remains protected from the damage caused by the sun. Our window tinting film is applied professional and utilizes the newest generation of technology, blocking up to 98% of the heat source from the sun, and 99% of the ultraviolet rays from the sun, what can cause much of the damage to your interior and items in your car.

Fast and Efficient

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Our expert auto glass technicians have years of experience installing and preparing window tint and matching tint colors. Our service is fast, effective, and attractive. That means no peeling, no ragged edges, and quick turn-around for your window tint installation service.

Automotive Window Tinting

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Here is an important overview of the benefits of window tinting in your vehicle, and why it is important to work with a glass shop that can replace the tint properly, and match your existing vehicle tint:

Automotive window tinting:

  • Blocks Up to 98% of the Infrared (Highest Heat Source from Sun)
  • Cools the interior of your auto
  • Protects you and your interior if your window shatters
  • Blocks up to 99% of damaging UV Rays
  • Enhances the appearance of your car
  • Increases interior security for valuables
  • Can add value to your vehicle

Professional Installers:

  • Choose the right color to best suit your needs
  • Can professionally match the color of existing glass
  • Install properly and to the correct size for each piece of glass
  • Understand the laws and legal restrictions for tint color
  • Prevent damage to the glass and vehicle
  • Use the best tools for the job

Choose the Right Shop

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When choosing a shop to replace your windows or to add tint, consider our professional shop located near the Rimrock Wal-Mart in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our expert technicians can quickly complete your installation, get you on the road, and ensure your vehicle looks its best.

Work with a shop that specializes in providing the best services for your auto glass and can ensure your glass isn’t damaged during installation, installation is performed correctly, and that no damage is done to your vehicle during the installation. When you establish a relationship with our company we will treat you like a friend. We’ll always have your information ready, including your vehicle, windows, and tint colors to ensure that any future needs are always met quickly and that you can work with someone you know and trust.

Beyond Auto

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Our shop specializes in glass, no matter where that glass is. A lessor known service is home glass repair and replacement such as custom shower enclosure instalation. Our name says Windshields, but that’s not all we do! Call us today to find out if your project is up our alley. 

You Name It, We Do It

Almost any of your glass needs can be handled here in our locally owned shop or remotely by our mobile service. We go way beyond auto glass and no matter what your need is, if we can do it right, we will do it for our neighbors here in the Grand Valley area.


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