Rock Chip Repair in Grand Junction, CO

Auto Glass Repair – Done Right

When a windshield or other auto glass is damaged it is not always necessary to completely replace the glass.  Rock chips in a windshield can be repaired in many cases.  As a rule of thumb, if you can cover the damaged area of the rock chip with a quarter it should be repairable. For cracks, if the length of the crack is no longer than a dollar bill it should also be able to be repaired. Windshields Express can repair most chips and cracks in windshield glass, but if the windshield is damaged beyond these sizes, it should be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle and protect the occupants. Read on to learn more about our auto glass repair services and the dangers of trying to perform auto glass repair without a professional.

glass shattering

Beware of Repair Kits

The frustration with repair kits is that they make repairing damage in what is one of the most important safety components in your vehicle seems trivial. Repair kits, when improperly applied can damage your window further, or leave you frustrated with a chip that is still visible, and without having really repaired the integrity of your glass. This means that the likelihood of the chip or crack spreading is significantly increased.

These kits can also take up a lot of your time, and leave you with a low-quality solution. In our shop, or with our mobile repair service most chips can be repaired in 15-30 minutes. In most cases, rock chips are covered by many insurance provider’s glass coverage. We will work directly with your insurance provider to make sure you don’t have any unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. For those without glass coverage, we offer some of the best pricing in Western Colorado for auto glass repair services.

Our expert technicians have been trained to recognize the types of damage that can be safely and effectively repaired. This is often not just the size of a chip or a crack but also the placement, the type of glass, and the likelihood that a repair will effectively extend the life of the glass. We think of repairing your glass like repairing teeth. You more than likely wouldn’t trust a kit from your local grocery store to fix a cavity or a chipped tooth. Our technicians are like dentists, in this case, we’ve been expertly trained and educated to make the best choices for your auto glass.

Here is an article from, discussing the potential dangers of incorrect repairs or poor installation of auto glass.

Safety First

At Windshields Express our goal is to consider safety first. This means that we may not recommend or perform repairs on certain chips or cracks. Though we want to ensure you have the best experience possible, and that your repair or replacement is cost-effective we will not compromise your safety. This means that with specific kinds of damage we will recommend a replacement instead of a repair. Our administration staff can work with you to schedule the best time for replacement and will work with your insurance provider to make certain your glass is covered. In the event you don’t have glass coverage we will work to get you the best replacement cost we can find. Click here for more information on our glass replacement services.