Window Tinting

 A Darker Shade of Cool

During the summer months in Western Colorado, it is common for the temperature to reach over 90 °F (32 °C). Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can have many alarming effects on your vehicle’s interior as well as your personal items inside the vehicle. The sun’s heat can damage electronics and cause the vehicle’s interior to warp and prematurely wear. It can damage your belongings and cause items left in the vehicle to melt, fade, or crack. It can also make cooling your vehicle’s interior much more difficult.

While replacing your automotive glass, we can match the tint of the existing glass. This means making certain your vehicle maintains its style standard and remains protected from the damage caused by the sun. Our window tinting film is applied professionally and utilizes the newest generation of technology, blocking up to 98% of the heat source from the sun, and 99% of the ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can cause much of the damage to your interior and items in your car.

Fast and Efficient

Our expert auto glass technicians have years of experience installing and preparing window tint and matching tint colors. Our service is fast, effective, and attractive. That means no peeling, no ragged edges, and quick turn-around for your window tint installation service.

Automotive Window Tinting

Here is an important overview of the benefits of window tinting in your vehicle, and why it is important to work with a glass shop that can replace the tint properly, and match your existing vehicle tint:

Automotive window tinting:

  • Blocks Up to 98% of the Infrared (Highest Heat Source from Sun)
  • Cools the interior of your auto
  • Protects you and your interior if your window shatters
  • Blocks up to 99% of damaging UV Rays
  • Enhances the appearance of your car
  • Increases interior security for valuables
  • Can add value to your vehicle

Professional Installers:

  • Choose the right color to best suit your needs
  • Can professionally match the color of existing glass
  • Install properly and to the correct size for each piece of glass
  • Understand the laws and legal restrictions for tint color
  • Prevent damage to the glass and vehicle
  • Use the best tools for the job

Choose the Right Shop

When choosing a shop to replace your windows or to add a tint, consider our professional shop located near the Rimrock Wal-Mart in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our expert technicians can quickly complete your installation, get you on the road, and ensure your vehicle looks its best.

Work with a shop that specializes in providing the best services for your auto glass and can ensure your glass isn’t damaged during installation, installation is performed correctly, and that no damage is done to your vehicle during the installation. When you establish a relationship with our company we will treat you like a friend. We’ll always have your information ready, including your vehicle, windows, and tint colors to ensure that any future needs are always met quickly and that you can work with someone you know and trust.