The Grand Valley Trusts Windshields Express

Take a look at this selection of glass replacements performed recently by our expert staff at Windshields Express! So many people have put their faith in Windshields Express that we have lost count!

Some Bigger Repairs

Heavy equipment and oversized vehicles need glass replacement too. If you need glass replacement performed on your “big” glass job, let us know. We can get you scheduled today.

Some Cool Autos

Here are some of the great vehicles we’ve had a chance to work on.

The Classic Car Conniseur’s Glass Choice

The Grand Valley’s classic car community chooses Windshields Express for their auto glass needs. Take a look at these amazing vehicles we have had the opportunity to work on!

Fun With Our Staff

Having fun while we do great work is what makes Windshields Express a great place to work, and a great place to get the best service in town. Have a look at some pictures of our staff keeping it light, and staying professional.