Corrosion Protection

Preventing Corrosion

At Windshields Express we care about two things more than anything else. First, we want to make your installation safe. Second, we want your experience as a customer to be great. As a part of this, we offer fast, efficient, and effective installation. That being said, it is important to us that the experience after installation is just as great. Stopping corrosion is not just about cosmetics, its also about safety.

Many window installers can be careless and will unknowingly damage the finish of your auto, which can result in expensive corrosion on your vehicle that isn’t evident at first. Corrosion can be extremely expensive to repair and even damage the integrity of window installation.

Our professional technicians will take time to minimize or even prevent scratching your vehicle in the first place. This requires an expert touch, the time to perform the installation right, and the use of specialized tools. In the event a scratch occurs, the technician will take time to cover the scratch with a rust-inhibiting primer. This will help to prevent corrosion, and ensure the ultimate integrity of your new window installation.

At Windshields Express our technicians always take the extra time and care to prevent corrosion and maintain the value of your vehicle and the long-term safety of your auto glass installation.



Corrosion Prevention

If your vehicle has corrosion from a previous auto glass replacement this corrosion MUST be repaired. If left untreated, your new windshield will leak and will be unsafe in the event of an accident. Window glass can pop out in hard crashes or during a rollover and result in a collapse of the vehicle’s roof.

To treat this, the corrosion must be removed with a grinder and/or a sandblaster until the good metal is exposed.  Once the corrosion is gone, a metal etching primer is used followed with a primer that allows the glass urethane to bond. The cost of this could be from $75 – $200!  In cases of extreme corrosion, the vehicle must be taken to an auto body repair shop for treatment, which can result in thousands of dollars of the repair cost. This could mean new paint is required to counter the corrosion.

Work with an installer that knows how to avoid creating scratches you can be certain that these types of corrosion damage are prevented. This is what sets our shop apart from others. We know the hidden dangers of corrosion that may not become evident until long after your auto glass has been replaced.

We use the highest quality tools, adhesives, and processes to make sure damage like this is avoided, and ensure any scratches are repaired before the new glass is installed.

Choosing a top shop:

  • Knows what the dangers of surface scratches are
  • Uses high-quality adhesives
  • Stocks the highest quality primers to properly prepare window installation surfaces
  • Takes responsibility for and treats and scratched areas BEFORE the window installation
  • Doesn’t install windows on already damaged surfaces.

Windshields Express is a shop you know will give you the highest quality installation because we care about every step of the installation. Every technician is trained in our proper use of tools and processes to ensure your glass installation is free from the dangers of corrosion.